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Instructor - Bud Jarvis

International CRM Instructor, CRMI,

Capt. Bud Jarvis, CRMI

The Instructor

Capt. Bud Jarvis, CRMI, TRE, SFE, CFI, brings his 48 years in aviation plus over 22,000 hours of flight time to his international CRM Instructor certification from Oregon Aero prestigious CRM instructors course, conducted by Capt. Randy Mains, CRMI.   Flying private, commercial and ATP operations around the world, to include Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Europe, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and of course the United States of America.  His extensive experience as a type rating instructor/ examiner, Class D simulator instructor/examiner and corporate instructor in commercial and ATP operations along with over 6,000 aircraft instructor hours adds to his 7 years of CRM check duties and the certified high standard CRM instructor certification. " His ability to bring and instill safe flying attitudes and knowledge to the private and commercial flying environment is outstanding!"
Crew Resource Management Training, CRM Instructor