Crew Resource Management Training, CRM Instructor

International  CRM Training saves lives and equipment



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80% of all aviation accidents are associated with human error and poor CRM!  80%!
Get Single and Multi-pilot life-saving safety armor !  Face-to-Face CRM training by internationally CRM instructors, CRMI, who care about reducing the major cause of accidents in aviation, EMS, fire fighting services ...
CRM that works for you, your passengers, your company.

Do it right !  Computerized CRM training is NOT EFFECTIVE.
You cannot change human behavior on screen or reading from a manual.

Increased safety for you, your company and your passengers

CRM Training

There are important parts of aviation training that cannot be effective by reading a manual or looking at a computer.  Crew Resource Management, CRM, has been proven "ineffective" if not taught face to face by a trained CRM instructor, CRMI.    The standards of CRM training varies, why not get the best, certified training approved for international standard requirements of the FAA, Transport Canada, European Aviation Safety Agency, UK CAA, JAR, and the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transportation Systems (CAMTS).  Don't just "tick a box."
You receive high international content and standards in a friendly learning atmosphere with our instructors.  FULL ACTIVE AVIATION SAFETY is our PRIMARY GOAL!
Become a CRMI?
  1. Two-Day Initial Course (Recommended)
    You will receive classroom interactive instruction of all aspects of aviation crew resource management. For single pilot, multi-pilot, aviation maintenance and administration CRM. The two-day initial course allows for extended discussions and understanding of CRM human interaction for increased awareness and safety in accident avoidance. This is the best and most recommended initial course for serious results in understanding CRM and its value to flight safety.
  2. One-Day Initial Course
    When two-days are just not available and you or your company are serious about flight safety, the one-day initial course is a must! All international requirements and recommendations are covered fully and with the handouts and notes a student can understand and use quality CRM in their flying and personal life with a dramatic increase in what it takes to be safe. Internationally recognized as CRM qualifications.
  3. One-Day Refresher
    Our Airlines and Military learned early that CRM is a perishable skill. Once a crew-member has taken the initial course, a refresher course six months later serves to reinforce relevant CRM topics. In a refresher CRM course the student becomes more involved, bringing past training and experiences to light for themselves and their team members..

Knowledge Saves Lives

Ensure your knowledge meets the requirement standards of the international aviation safety community
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Full Crew Resource Management Certified Training

Meets the International Standard CRM requirements and recommendations of the FAA, Transport Canada, European Aviation Safety Agency, ICAO,  UK CAA, JAR, and the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS).
Crew Resource Management Training, CRM Instructor